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Efficient 10-Ton Box Girder Double Beam EOT Bridge Cranes for Steel Warehouses


Steel warehouses require specialized equipment that can handle heavy loads with precision and efficiency. Our 10-ton box girder double beam EOT bridge cranes are specifically designed for this purpose, providing reliable and efficient lifting capabilities for steel warehouse applications. In this post, we will highlight the key features and benefits of these cranes, emphasizing their efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

Efficient Material Handling:
Our 10-ton box girder double beam EOT bridge cranes are engineered for efficient material handling. With their high lifting capacities and advanced control systems, these cranes can handle heavy loads with ease and precision. They allow for smooth and accurate movement of steel products, streamlining the storage and retrieval process and improving overall productivity.

Reliable Performance:
These cranes are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty steel warehouse applications. With their sturdy construction and advanced lifting mechanisms, they offer reliable performance even in challenging environments. The box girder beam design provides enhanced stability and load-bearing capacity, making them ideal for lifting and positioning steel products.

Versatile Use:
Our 10-ton box girder double beam EOT bridge cranes are versatile and can be used in various steel warehouse applications. They can handle different types of steel products such as coils, plates, and pipes. The customizable specifications such as span length, lifting height, and control features allow for flexibility in adapting to different warehouse requirements.

Enhanced Safety:
Safety is a top priority in steel warehouse applications, and our 10-ton box girder double beam EOT bridge cranes are designed with safety in mind. They feature advanced safety features such as overload protection systems, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and anti-collision devices. These safety measures help minimize the risk of accidents and protect both workers and equipment in the warehouse.

Customizable Options:
To meet your specific requirements, our 10-ton box girder double beam EOT bridge cranes offer customizable options such as:

Hoist type: wire rope or chain hoist
Control system: pendant or wireless remote control
Power supply: cable reel or busbar system
Additional features: load weighing systems, camera monitoring systems, or anti-sway systems

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Our 10-ton box girder double beam EOT bridge cranes are an ideal solution for steel warehouse applications that require efficient and reliable material handling capabilities. With their advanced features, customizable options, and enhanced safety measures, they offer a cost-effective solution for improving productivity and streamlining operations in your steel warehouse.