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Nybon Crane is one of the most experienced crane manufacturers in China,we have been producing crane equipment for not only our own customers,but also some of our competitors.

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Types of industrial Cranes From Nybon Crane Group

We supply many different types of cranes to meet your lifting and pulling requirements: single beam overhead cranes,double beam overhead cranes, single beam gantry cranes,double beam gantry cranes,mini gantry cranes, jib cranes-cantilever crane,monorail workshop cranes,garbage handling cranes,grab bucket cranes,magnetic cranes,marine cranes.etc.We also have gantry cranes and bridge cranes.Each type of industrial crane can be custom designed and built according to your actual needs.

Overhead Cranes
Box Type Wire Rope Hoist for Lifting

Features Of Box Type Wire Rope Hoist for Lifting

Model  Nybon Wire Rope Hoist
Lifting Capacity 1~200T
Lifting Height 1-80m
Operating temperature -35℃~+70℃
Protection level IP65
Application Independent or Installed on Cranes
Moving Electric Hoist

Moving Electric Hoist

Moving Electric Hoist with hook

Moving Electric Hoist with hook

Moving Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Moving Electric Wire Rope Hoist

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What does nybon crane group provide?

electric hoist

Electric Hoist

Crane Kits

Crane Kits

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OEM crane

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Other Optional EOT Crane Accessories:

  • We produce crane grabs, end beams, lifting trolleys, hoists, remote controls, crane wheels, open winches, and other crane accessories.
  • Main crane equipment of Nybon Crane Group:Gantry cranes,Overhead Cranes,Jib Cranes,Hoists.etc
  • We can provide all parts related to the crane, and provide free design services. We have a special warehouse for lifting parts, which can be quickly matched and shipped quickly.
  • Crane Grab Bucket
Crane Grab

Nybon Crane Agent

By becoming our close partners,you can have a better discount over other regular competitors on your crane project, we are willing to help a few distributors.

Crane Applications

Our Crane equipment is mainly used for industrial material handling, lifting.etc.We also accept OEM for your crane requirement.

Crane Classifications

We are committed to producing various types of cranes-bridge cranes,gantry cranes,ship cranes,jib cranes, hoists, etc.