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Grab crane/bucket crane/claw crane is a kind of crane used to carry and transfer heavy objects, usually used in ports, logistics, construction and mining and other fields. Its main feature is the use of one or more grab buckets to grab and carry heavy objects to move them from one place to another.

Grab cranes usually consist of one or more crane hosts and one or more grabs. The main frame of the crane is usually a bracket or wheels fixed on the ground, which are responsible for supporting and moving the grab bucket. A grapple is a round or square box, usually made of high-strength metal, used to grab and carry heavy objects.

The grab crane is very convenient to use, it can easily carry and transfer heavy loads in a short time, especially for jobs that require a lot of heavy loads to be moved. Grab cranes can also improve production efficiency, reduce manpower and time waste, and reduce labor intensity and safety risks for workers.

Waste Handling Crane Grab Bucket

Waste Handling Crane Grab Bucket

Grab cranes are a wide variety of cranes, the following are some common types of grab cranes:

Rail-mounted grab cranes: Rail-mounted grab cranes are usually mounted on the ground with their jibs moving along rails. This type of crane is usually used for loading, unloading and handling of heavy objects in areas such as warehouses and logistics centers.

Shore-to-shore grab cranes: Shore-to-shore grab cranes are usually installed on the shore in ports and wharfs, etc., for loading and unloading cargo and handling heavy objects. They usually have long jibs and high-capacity grab buckets to accommodate a variety of loading and unloading tasks.

Container Grab Cranes: Container grab cranes are commonly used for loading and unloading containers and other large cargo. They usually have efficient loading and unloading capabilities and automated control systems to suit the requirements of areas such as ports and logistics.

Heavy-duty grab cranes: Heavy-duty grab cranes are generally used for loading, unloading and handling of heavy objects in fields such as mines and construction. They usually have a powerful jib and a large-capacity grab bucket to accommodate a variety of heavy load loading and unloading tasks.

Hydraulic Grab Cranes: Hydraulic grab cranes are usually controlled by a hydraulic system, and their grabs can be customized as required. This type of crane is usually used for loading, unloading and handling of heavy objects in fields such as factories and warehouses.

The above are some common types of grab cranes. Different types of grab cranes have different characteristics and application ranges.

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Grab cranes have the following advantages:

Efficiency: Grab cranes can quickly handle and transfer heavy loads, thereby increasing production efficiency.

Automation: Grab cranes usually have automated control functions, such as automatic positioning and automatic grabbing, which reduce labor intensity and safety risks for workers.

Flexibility: The grab crane can be operated in different sites and environments, such as ports, logistics, construction and mining, making it widely applicable.

Cost saving: The grab crane can reduce the waste of manpower and time, and at the same time reduce the labor intensity and safety risks of workers, thus saving costs.

Safe and reliable: grab cranes usually have high-quality safety systems and protective measures to ensure the safety of workers and equipment.

To sum up, the grab crane has the advantages of high efficiency, automation, flexibility, cost saving, safety and reliability, which make it widely used in various workplaces.

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