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Grab crane is a kind of crane used for loading, unloading and moving heavy objects, usually used in ports, logistics, mining and construction and other fields. It usually consists of one or more jibs, a grab bucket and a crane control system.

The grab bucket of the grab crane can grab heavy objects in water or on land and move them to the designated position. Crane jibs are often tens of meters long and can span large, heavy objects, moving them from one place to another. Grab cranes are commonly used for tasks such as loading and unloading goods, stacking materials and lifting heavy objects from the ground.

A grab crane is a highly automated crane that can be programmed to control its movements for efficient loading, unloading and handling. They are typically used to handle loads weighing up to several hundred tons, but there are also large grab cranes that can handle loads up to several thousand tons.

QZ type grab bucket crane

QZ type grab bucket crane

Nybon Grab Crane

Grab cranes are a wide variety of cranes, the following are some common types of grab cranes:

Rail-mounted grab cranes: Rail-mounted grab cranes are usually mounted on the ground with their jibs moving along rails. This type of crane is usually used for loading, unloading and handling of heavy objects in areas such as warehouses and logistics centers.

Shore-to-shore grab cranes: Shore-to-shore grab cranes are usually installed on the shore in ports and wharfs, etc., for loading and unloading cargo and handling heavy objects. They usually have long jibs and high-capacity grab buckets to accommodate a variety of loading and unloading tasks.

Container Grab Cranes: Container grab cranes are commonly used for loading and unloading containers and other large cargo. They usually have efficient loading and unloading capabilities and automated control systems to suit the requirements of areas such as ports and logistics.

Heavy-duty grab cranes: Heavy-duty grab cranes are generally used for loading, unloading and handling of heavy objects in fields such as mines and construction. They usually have a powerful jib and a large-capacity grab bucket to accommodate a variety of heavy load loading and unloading tasks.

Hydraulic Grab Cranes: Hydraulic grab cranes are usually controlled by a hydraulic system, and their grabs can be customized as required. This type of crane is usually used for loading, unloading and handling of heavy objects in fields such as factories and warehouses.

The above are some common types of grab cranes. Different types of grab cranes have different characteristics and application ranges.

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We are pleased to introduce the Nybon Grab Crane to you. Nybon is a professional crane manufacturer, committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance crane products. Using the latest technology, our grab cranes offer exceptional grab capacity and flexibility to help you grab and move heavy loads with ease.

Nybon grab cranes offer the following advantages:

Efficient grabbing capacity: Our grab cranes have powerful grabbing capacity and can easily grab and carry heavy objects, whether in the fields of ports, logistics, mining or construction.

Flexibility: Our grab cranes are flexible enough to adapt to a variety of terrains and tasks. You can use our cranes to lift heavy loads and move them to their designated locations.

Reliable Performance: Our grab cranes feature the latest technology and materials for outstanding reliability and performance. You can rely on our cranes to get the job done when you need it.

Attentive service: Our team is committed to providing customers with considerate services, including providing customers with personalized crane solutions, 24-hour online technical support and after-sales service, etc.

If you are looking for a high-quality grab crane, we look forward to working with you to drive the growth of your business.




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