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KBK 1T 2T Light Rail Flexible Single Double Beam Suspension Hoist Overhead Crane

The KBK 1T 2T light rail flexible single double beam suspension hoist overhead crane is a versatile and efficient lifting solution for various industrial applications. With its advanced features and robust construction, it offers exceptional performance and reliability.

Lightweight and Flexible Design
The KBK crane is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to install and maneuver in tight spaces. Its compact size allows for optimal use of available workspace while maintaining high load capacity.

Single and Double Beam Options
This crane is available in single and double-beam configurations, providing flexibility to meet different lifting requirements. The single-beam option is suitable for lighter loads, while the double-beam option offers increased stability and higher load capacities.

Suspension Hoist System
Equipped with a suspension hoist system, this overhead crane ensures smooth and precise lifting operations. The hoist mechanism is designed to provide accurate positioning and safe handling of loads, enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of accidents.

Light Rail System
The KBK crane incorporates a light rail system that allows for effortless movement along the track. This system ensures smooth and efficient material handling, enabling operators to easily transport loads within the designated area.

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Manufacturing Facilities: The overhead monorail crane construction kit is widely used in manufacturing facilities for tasks such as assembly, production line operations, and material handling.

Warehouses: It plays a crucial role in warehouses, facilitating the movement of goods, loading and unloading operations, and optimizing storage space utilization.

Workshops: From small-scale workshops to large industrial workshops, this crane system is ideal for various lifting tasks, including maintenance, repairs, and component handling.

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