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A mobile gantry crane is a small type of crane that is typically used to move heavy loads in places such as factories, warehouses, and logistics centers, or for lifting work on construction sites and other places where large cranes are required.

It is a highly flexible crane that can move in any direction, usually consists of two or four wheels, and can drive on the road.

Mobile Portable Mini Gantry Crane

Mobile Portable Mini Gantry Crane

The mobile small gantry crane is a small crane, which is usually used for small lifting and mobile work in small indoor or outdoor workplaces. Compared with large cranes, mobile small gantry cranes have the following advantages:

Highly flexible: The mobile small gantry crane is very flexible and can be moved and operated anywhere indoors or outdoors, and can easily adapt to various working environments and needs.

Small size and light weight: The design of the portable small gantry crane is very light, and the weight is light, which is convenient to move and operate.

High efficiency and energy saving: Mobile small gantry cranes are usually driven by small engines or batteries, which have high work efficiency, low energy consumption and are environmentally friendly.

Safe and reliable: Mobile small gantry cranes usually adopt solid structure and advanced safety technology, such as braking system and anti-skid system, to ensure safe and reliable operation.

In general, the movable small gantry crane has the advantages of high flexibility, small size and light weight, high efficiency and energy saving, safety and reliability, etc., and can meet the hoisting and moving needs of different occasions.

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Mini Mobile Portable Crane
Model  Nybon PORTABLE Crane
Wheels 4
Lifting Weight 100-5000kg
Operating temperature -35℃~+70℃
Protection level IP65

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